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Demo Derby 

Contact Chuck Hulett with any questions: 641-202-2262

Union County Fair Stock Full size and Stock Small car rules July 23rd 2017 7:30 pm Stock full size money

1st Place: $1500.00 Trophy

2nd Place: $700.00 Trophy

3rd Place: $350.00

4th Place:  $100.00

5th Place: $100.00

10 car money 9 cars or less only paying first 2 money spots

Stock Small Car Money: 1st $500.00 trophy

2nd Place: $350.00 trophy

3rd Place: $150.00

4th Place: $100.00

Participant Regulations:  Drivers must be 16 years old to compete must make contact every 60 seconds or be disqualified. No sandbagging. No team driving allowed. No driver’s door hits allowed.Must wear full faced helmet & eye protection.Seat belts mandatory!!!!!

Preparation of Cars- No 1973  or older imperial or imperial sub frames No 1970 or older Lincolns No stubbing of Cadillac subframes if you have a Cadillac sub frame it better be a Cadillac car.No plastic gas tanks ( heavy duty plastic racing fuel cells are allowed) No wedging, no sedagons, no jeeps, no trucks (ranchero and el Caminos are considered trucks), no carryalls, no Hearst, No limos, no convertibles. All glass, chrome, pot metal, lights, carpet, headliner, back seats, fiber glass and anything else that is flammable must be removed before reaching the exhibit area ( do not break glass down in the doors). Trunks must be empty of all debris, spare tire rims, parts, ect. Wagons must have spare tire flap removed or hole cut in it for inspectors to see. Absolutely no welding besides what is stated in these rules. Unlimited 9-wire.

Mandatory- You must have number on both front doors big enough to read and bright enough color to see. Use your choice of number. No profanity allowed on cars.

Engine- No Distributor Protectors at all you may run lower engine cradle with no kickers at all to frame only engine mounts!!!

Radiators- Stock.Factory location

Transmission- of your choice you can run tranny cradles but cannot touch any part of the crossmember before or after derby (will inspect after)

Battery- Must be moved to passenger compartment. Must be in a secure position and be covered with something non-flammable like rubber tube, rubber floor mat, etc. Batteries must be secured so they don’t move. 2 12v batteries max.

Suspension- Must remain stock. No weld on shocks, no trailer hitches, No twist in spring spacers,special lifts, blocks, air shackles, air shocks, air lifts must be deflated. Cars must have give or bounce.FULL SIZE FRONT BUMPER HEIGHT LIMIT OF no higher than 30”from top side REAR BUMPER LIMITED TO no lower than 18” to the bottom side of bumper

Rear Ends- Rear ends must be 5 lug. Locking of rear ends permitted.

Drive Shafts- Of your choice

Trailing Arms & A-Arms- Trailing arms may be shortened or lengthened butt weld then a 1″strap to reinforce. Front upper and lower a arms must remain stock

Hood- Hood must remain in factory position. 6 hood bolts allowed only 2 may go through the frame outside of radiator. Bolts must not be any bigger than 1″with washers no bigger than 6 inches outside diameter. You must have two holes cut in the hood big enough for fire extinguisher. Not directly over carburetor. You may also use 20 bolts around header holes no bigger than SAE 3/8 with washers no bigger than 1 inch outside diameter.  Your not allowed to weld hood down.

You can run to windshield straps to inches wide from rough to Cowl Trunk You can use 4 ¾ bolts in trunk. Trunk lids must remain on factory hinges. Tucking or V’ing of trunk lid is allowed,You may chain or nine wire. NO MORE THAN 50% OF TRUNK MAY BE TUCKED, No Rear window straps.

Body- FULL SIZE AND SMALL CARS can weld doors outside only with 3×3 metal strap weld 6″skip 6″ on all doors and trunk,DONT WELD HOOD DOWN!!!Drivers door can be welded solid inside and out.Station Wagons must remove rear decking No seam welding, no patching. Pre-denting is okay.

Fenders- Fenders may be trimmed and 10 bolts may be used per fender. Bolts are to be no bigger than 3/8 with washers no bigger than 1 inch outside diameter.

Body Mount Bolts- Bushings must be factory can replace body bolts with 1/2″ bolts with washers except for radiator support don’t have to have factory rubber bushings

Frame- Pre-Run bent frames can use 4 plates front and 4 plates on back 4″x4″X1/4thick example if you used 3 on the left front you can only use 1 on the right front etc.can’t be formed to bent frame leave straight and weld but I have to see where it was bentTrailer hitches must be removed,welding on frame read below,No reinforcing of frame what so ever. You can notch the frame. Patching of rusty frame allowed on two sides of frame with thickness same as the frame not to exceed 2 inches beyond rust. Must have 1” hole in patch for inspection and leave the rust alone dont cut it away Must be able to see rusty frame. Frames can be pre-bent but Fords have to be cold bent. No welding on crushbox.Welding on frame where factory has missed but I must see where they missed so in 2 spots each side 2″ long 1/4 width you may weld on frame

Doors- Chain,wire,bolt or weld if welding use a 3″x3″X no more than1/4thick weld then skip 6″ then weld 3″x3″ then skip 6″weld outside of doors no welding on inside door seems FULL SIZE and SMALL CAR Driver’s door may be welded solid with a strap no bigger than 3 inches, on the outside only. All other doors must be chained  wired or welded shut.if using chain or wire must be 4 spots around all doors

Cage- Mandatory bar behind seat from door post to door post no less thAn 2″x2″x3/16 thick you can X brace behind seat with no kickers but can connect X brace or roll bar to dash bar with 2 kickers to floor on each side inside of door seems only and can weld to body or frame,no farther back than 5″ from B-pillar GAS TANK PROTECTOR can be ran but no wider 24”and 2”away from any sheet metal only attached to the seat bar with nothing going off of it to body or frame

BUMPERS- STOCK SMALL CARS CANNOT RUN A STUFFED BUMPER,No homemade bumpers,Bumpers shocks and factory mounts can be welded front and rear BUMPERS Full size Front bumper may be stuffed with 2×2 square tubing 1/4 thick, no homemade bumpers or brackets weld solid to frame (HARD NOSE)or use FACTORY bumper brackets only,can’t do both  Example on a71 or 72 Chevy impala if you hard nose it you cannot use the side brackets

 Gas tanks- SMALL CARS CAN LEAVE STOCK FUEL TANK UNDER CAR AS LONG AS IT’S IN MIDDLE PART OF CAR Maximum of 6 gallons of gas. Fuel cells/metal boat tanks must be placed in back seat area and properly secured. NO STOCK TANKS! Fuel cells must be secured so there is no movement ( Do not use bungee cords for this). If tank is not secure you will not be running. Fuel cells must have secure caps and be leak proof. All feul lines must have no leaks. Stock gas tanks must be removed or have holes in them and washed out. NO PLASTIC TANKS!( Heavy plastic racing fuel cells may be used).

Tires- D.O.T. approved light truck tires or skid loader tires.No fluid in tires,no studed tires

This is a stock class. It will remain a stock class so do not do any more than what is stated in these rules. Do not do anything to make your car illegal after inspection. If this happens you will be disqualified and no return of entry. Officials have the right to re-inspect your car at any time.

Power Wheels

Ages 4-9 yrs

General Rules

All children must be signed in with both parents at the pit gates. Both parents can’t attend event, must have notarized permission slip with child. Call for permission slip. All children must wear approved safety helmets. Bicycle helmets will pass. If child gets out of the power wheel bearing event, that child is out of the event.

Power wheels build

All power wheels must remain stock with no added reinforcement. You may add a rubber tire to the tread area of the power wheels tire for added traction. Must use factory 12 volt or smaller lawnmower 12 V  battery only and must be mounted secure and covered with rubber mat.

Power Wheels paint

Power wheels can be painted like a demo car each Parwill must have a number on each side POWER WHEEL EVENT We will run one heat of the power wheels unless we have a lot then we’ll go age groups one parent will be allowed on the track with their child during the event. There will be a set time limit depending on number of power wheels after time has expired, the winner Will be determined the child that perform the best during the event. This will be scored by people chosen out of the crowd randomly.

Lawn Mower Demo Derby

Union county fair Sunday July 23rd,  7:00 PM same night as regular demo derby, $20 entry,  100%payback with a $100 bonus Sponsored by HULETT & SONS AUTO SALVAGE

GENERAL-no rear engine lawnmowers are allowed. Remove all glass, cast-iron, and plastic. No zero turn radius is allowed. Do not make your mower into a tank or you will be disqualified. No bumpers allowed. Remove deck completely. Weld brackets and joints that raise and lower the deck if they are not removable. No reinforcing the frame. All mowers must used lawn mower type wheels. Lug style farm tractor style tires are not allowed. No tire chains, no dual wheels no all steel wheels, no valve stem protectors, no tires in tires, foam filled tires, no studs, or solid tires.tires must be checked for air pressure at check in time.

MOWER-Electric start mowers is preferred, not required. If your mower does pull start, you must be able to start your mower while remaining on your lawnmower and your legs and arms inside the safety cage. No spikes or any protrusions on mower. Mowers must have a number on each side. Original and clever names are also strongly encouraged but not required no profanity language. Mowers must have good brakes,Must have Forward,and reverse gears at start of the heat.

CAGE- Mowers must have a cage installed for drivers protection. The purpose of the safety cage is to protect the driver, not to reinforce the strength and durability of the mower. Safety cage maybe as far forward as the engine crank case and extend to the fenders. This must be 1 1/4 x 2″ square tubing,angle iron or round tubing, this is to protect feet and legs. Safety cage must have at least 4 solid weld or both points to the frame or fenders. The safety cage must not protect the tires. The tires must remain fully open and exposed. Close the side of the safety cage along the drivers legs with bars no more than 8 inches apart or and sheet metal. The top of the safety cage rail must come to just below the drivers knees when seated and be painted red between the tires so it is visible to the other drivers and officials. This is the no zone no direct hits to the driver safety allowed THE RED LEG AREA!!! These hits will be treated like a direct hit to the drivers door in the regular demo derby. Drivers will receive 1 Warnimg and then they will be disqualified for the second illegal hit. All mowers have hood either screwed or welded to dash panel around drivers area.

BUMPERS-rear and front bumper cannot extend out more then the 4 inches from mower and must stay inside of tires. Bumpers must remain flat across, no spikes, sharp edges, points, etc. Must be at least 6 inches off the ground.Back bumper may have a hoop welded off bumper going up behind back seat. Hoop cannot be any wider than 15 inches for protection as a driver seat only.

ENGINE-Air cooled engines only, limited to a maximum of 20 hp. Engine must be factory lawnmower engine such as Briggs & Stratton,Tecumseh,Oman, Kohler, Etc.engine performance modification allowed. Exhaust modifications are encouraged, however all pipes must be securely mounted. Broken or loose exhaust pipes may be disqualify the mower from the heat.

ELECTRICAL- an occupant Kill switch must kill the engine in a rollover, or the driver falls off. Examples are a seat Kill switch or a tether switch. Key switches are not kill switches. Battery must be covered with a non-conductive material and anchored securely down.

MODIFICATION- you may use any seat that will fit on top of the back of the motor. You may build a chair cage on top of the fenders around seat to protect your ribs and back. This may not be wider than the fenders. Caution modifying the mowers may cause it to be top-heavy and tip over easy. Changing of pulleys is permitted and encouraged. Drivetrain modifications are permitted as long as it says belt driven, no chain driven or shaft driven tractors allowed.

FUEL TANK- You will be disqualified for any leaking gas. Fuel tank must be secured and have a cap on it. Tank may be relocated to a more secure location is stock position is not a good area.

DRIVERS- participate at your own risk. All drivers must show it legal ID. All drivers must be at least 16 years old. Drivers under 18 years of age must provide a parental consent form. Drivers must wear a helmet, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, close toed shoes, and I protection. No exceptions . No sandbagging allowed. Drivers must administer at least one hit every 20 seconds or be disqualified.

EVENT-all mowers must pass inspection before the derby. If your mower does rollover, you are eliminated , all drivers must stop and wait until officials give drivers instructions to restart. Each mower will get one minute total to restart or put the belt back on. Once the one minute is up, you are eliminated.