Union County Fair Grounds

2017 Rental Rates


Winter Storage:  
Open Class Building:                        Large Campers: $10/ft. Length
4-H Building & Breezeway:             Campers/Boats: $7/ft. Linear length
Community and Non-Commercial Groups

4-H (Block) Building             $150/day plus $150 Deposit
Lunch Stand (Room only)                $75/day plus $75 Deposit           
Livestock Show Ring                        $50/day plus $50 Deposit

Community and Non-Commercial Groups
Open Area (No Building/Arena)      $100/day plus $50 Deposit                Up to 20,000 sq. ft.
Arena                                                 $100/day plus $50 Tractor Fee/Event
Box Stalls                                           $20/stall/event (Must be cleaned up on leaving)
Camping        (Electric)                     $25/day
                        (Non-Electric)            $15/day
Union County Saddle Club              $50/day
Union County 4-H/FFA                    No Fee                                   


All renters must show a Certificate of Public Liability Insurance listing the Union County Fair Board as additional insureds with the limit of liability of one million dollars per accurance limit with an equal aggregate limit or greater.


Click here for Arena Rental Info and Contract

Click here for Building Rental Info and Contract

Click here for Unsecured Storage Space Rental Agreement