“Building on Tradition” Capital Campaign

The Union County Fairboard is pleased to announce that we have received a DEKKO pledge of $500,000 towards new buildings on the fairgrounds! DEKKO has offered support in the form of a pledge that is designed to both help us build momentum for our building campaign and complete it successfully. To begin, DEKKO will pay out $1 for each $1 we can secure for our building project, up to a maximum payment of $100,000 from their foundation. If we are successful with that pledge, they will offer a second pledge of $400,000. That pledge will be payable once we have secured the total of $1,545,000 (including Dekko Foundation support) needed to complete our project in full.
“4-H’s formula of encouraging young people to pursue projects that interest them is so effective,” commented Sharon Smith, program director for the DEKKO Foundation. “It helps youth build persistence, responsibility, respect and confidence. For that reason, we are pleased to come alongside Union County to support this opportunity to improve the community’s 4-H facilities.”

Click here for the Capital Campaign Brochure

Donations towards the campaign can be sent to:

Union County Fair Association

PO Box  283

Creston, IA 50801