Camper Registration Policy:

Registrations will not be accepted before June 1st postmark
(Registrations postmarked before June 1st will be returned)

All visitors wishing to place a camper on the campground must register prior to setting up camper. To register, the following information is needed:
1.    Camper make
2.    Camper type (camper or combination camper/livestock trailer)
3.    Camper license plate information
4.    Owner of camper
5.    Name, address, and telephone number of registrant
6.    Names of those expected to occupy camper during fair

Fee for the 20 camping spaces with electrical hook-ups shall be $150.00/per space. Camping spaces without electrical hook-up along the east fence will be leased at a rate of $75.00 per space. (If using a generator, they must be off one hour after the evening grandstand performance ends.) This fee shall be sent with registration information. Payment shall be by check or money order made out to Union County Fair.

Camping requests with incomplete information or without
payment shall be discarded without further notification to registrant.
If camping request is granted, camper registrant will receive, by mail, a permit card which must be displayed in a road facing window of the camper while it is in our campgrounds.

Camping registration requests must be sent to:

Chad Rieck
2271 Cherry Street Rd.
Creston, IA 50801

All camping lots will be numbered and the lot number will appear on the permit card. Lot numbers will be assigned by the board or its’ designees. Preference for end lots will be given to combination camper/livestock trailer units. If campers desire to be on lots next to each other, both camper requests should arrive in the same envelope.

Campers shall be parked only in confines of correct lot number and shall not intrude into any other lot.

Campers shall not be placed in the campground before 8:00 a.m.
Wednesday immediately prior to the start of the fair, and shall be removed by 6:00 p.m. Friday immediately following the fair. No exceptions.
Electricity shall be available during this time period.

Campers in violation of this policy shall be removed from the campgrounds. Means of removal (towing, dragging, etc.) shall be at the discretion of the board or its’ designees. Registrant of the violating camper shall be responsible for any cost incurred by the association, board, or its’ designees in the process of removing the camper. The association, board, or its’ designees shall not be responsible for damages to any camper which occur while on the association’s property.

Camping Regulations

1. Any person under the age of 21 staying overnight in the campgrounds must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. In the event a parent or guardian cannot be present due to work or other conflicts, the parent or guardian may designate another responsible person over the age of 21 to stay in their place. This person will be required to have a written statement to that effect signed by the parent.
2.  There will be a curfew placed on outside activities which take place in the campgrounds. This curfew will go into effect one hour after the evening entertainment in the grandstand is concluded. The curfew will ban any outside activity in the campground throughout the night, with the exception of livestock care and restroom use. First offense of the curfew will result in a warning. A second offense of the curfew will result in the removal of the person from the grounds.

No Alcohol Policy:

1.  There will be no alcohol allowed on the grounds during the activities of the Union County Fair.
2.  Anyone found to be in violation of the “No Alcohol Policy” will be removed from the grounds. The violator will also remove any of his or her property which is located on the grounds. This property includes, but is not limited to, campers, vehicles, and projects which are entered in 4-H, FFA, or open class competition at the fair. The removal of the person and their property will be immediate. Any projects that are removed will not be allowed back on the grounds for the duration of the fair, this includes judging events and the sale of projects.
3.  The board of directors of the Union County Fair Association will take every opportunity to support law enforcement officers in regard to the enforcement of laws prohibiting alcohol possession by minors. The board will also support these officers in filing criminal charges against minors who are in possession of alcohol.
4. The Board of Directors of the Union County Fair Association reserves the right to change, amend, or otherwise alter the consequences for violations of this policy. These changes shall be voted on with a minimum of twelve members present, with a simple majority vote required.


Exhibitor Trailer Parking Policy:

All livestock or utility trailers left by exhibitors on the grounds during the fair shall be parked as near as possible to the east fence east of the horse barn and campgrounds.  This includes horse trailers.  There shall be no trailers parked west of the east end of the horse barn.

Any trailer left at any location deemed restricted to trailer parking by the fair board or its  designees shall be moved to an appropriate area.  Means of moving the trailer (towing, pulling, dragging, etc.) shall be at the discretion of the board or its  designees.  Any cost incurred by the board or its designees during the moving of the trailer shall be reimbursed by the trailer owner.

While it is not the intention of the board to place undue demands on exhibitors, we realize that the fair is funded in large part by those attending the night performances.  It is our intention to provide as much parking area as we can, as near as possible, to the main arena.


Commercial Exhibitors & Vendors Policy:

Click here for Union County Fair Commercial Exhibit Form

Indoor Commercial Space

The Union County Fair Board has set the price of the exhibit space in the new Lunch Stand at $10.00 per running foot, with a minimum of eight feet of space.  All booths are seven feet deep.  This must be paid prior to the fair.
The new Lunch Stand will be open for set-up beginning at 8:00 A.M.. Friday, July 21st: open daily 6:30 A.M. Saturday, July 22nd through Wednesday, July 26th.  Closing will follow evening grandstand performances. Displays should be removed by Wednesday afternoon.

Outdoor Commercial Space

Outdoor commercial exhibit space will be charged at a rate of $.05 per square foot of set-up area used by renter.  Vehicles used for the transport and/or storage of renter owned items shall be considered part of the renter’s set-up area.  This price may be adjusted up or down, taking into consideration type of equipment on display, utilization of space by renter, location of display, and other circumstances at the discretion of the fair board or its’ designee.  Electrical hook-up may or may not be available depending on the location of the display.  This space will be available only at the discretion of the board or its’ designee.

Outdoor Vendor Space Rental

Category 1:  This includes any area inside the main arena viewing area.  Cost will be $1.00 per square foot of set-up area used by the vendor; minimum $120.00.*

Category 2:  This will include the parking lot directly north of the main arena and the pit area north and east of the main arena.  Cost will be $.50 per square foot of set-up area used by the vendor; minimum $60.00.*

Category 3:  This will include any open area, not described by a previous category, within 50 feet of any building on the grounds.  Cost will be $.25 per square foot of set-up area used by vendor; minimum $30.00.*

Category 4:  This will include any area on the grounds not described by a previous category. Cost will be $.20 per square foot of set-up area used by vendor; minimum $24.00.*

* All spaces available at the discretion of the fair board or its  designee. No set up allowed until space is approved and paid.
Vehicles used for the transport and/or storage of vendor owned items shall be considered part of the vendor s set-up area in all categories.
For more information or questions contact: Marla Gilliam


Demo Derby Rules:

Union County Fair Welded Full Size and Small Car rules
July 24th 7:30 pm.
Full size and small car payout $800.00 trophy $500.00 trophy $250.00 payout for more than 10 cars ,9 or less cars payout will be $500.00 trophy $250.00 trophy
1.If it don’t say it don’t do it
2.Judges decisions are final
3.Any American made sedan or station wagon NO 73 or older imperials or imperial sub-frames, No 1970 OLDER LINCOLNS,4×4’s,ambulances,hearses.03 AND NEWER FORD FRAMES MUST RUN
4.Drivers must be 16 years of age with a valid drivers license
5.Drivers must wear seat belt, helmet and eye protection. 60seconds to restart or make an aggressive hit, 2 fires and you’re done.
1.You may seam weld all doors and trunk
2. Do not weld hood down 8bolts max and not tied together, hood bolts must be sheet metal to sheet metal no bolts welded to the frame exception Chryslers may weld 2 at the front as a GM product would go through the frame at the radiator support, hood plates 5″x5″1/4″ thick no leaf springs used for hood plates
3.Cowl bar & door bars may be tied together.
4.9″ ford rear-ends allowed must be 5 lug
5.14″or 15″ tires only NO STUDDED tires valve stem protecters allowed.
6.No added metal to frame or uni-body, stock bumpers and bumper shocks only
7.Remove stock fuel tank GAS TANK PROTECTORs ALLOWED Boat tank or well made fuel tank only and covered well.
8.You may weld firewall or frame boxes forward top side ONLY.
9.Radiators must remain in stock location.
10.Stock height no clamping of shocks.
11.2 1″ all thread through radiator support and 2 through the truck allowed.
12.(2) 12″ holes in hood for fire is mandatory FULL HOODS ONLY NO TUCKING OF HOODS.
13.Tierod ends may be reinforced.
15.Frame and suspension must match body.
16.(2) plates 4″ in width from trunk to bumper, from RADIATOR SUPPORT to front bumper (NOT TO HOOD)1/8″ thick.
17.No engine plates from backside of engine to frame you can only run chain on the back side, front mounts must be welded to top side of frame 3″ in front of upper A-Frame
18.Call me on cracked, bent or rusted frames.YOU MUST HAVE A 1″ spacer between frame and body rear wheels forward in stock holes not going all the way through the frame
and no bigger than a 4x4x1/4″ plate for washer,all access holes in frame and boxes must be open for inspection.
19.No rear window bars or straps.
20.All glass,plastic,chrome, etc, must be removed before entering pit gate.
21.Tranny coolers are allowed must be mounted good.
21.Battery for small car or batteries for full size must be moved to the passenger side floor board must be covered and secured properly.
22.All decking in station wagons must be removed.
23.Use motor and tranny of your choice.
24. You may weld the rear-end.
25.If it had a trailer hitch remove it all.
26. Front A-frames, Rear control arms, All ball joints must remain stock.
27.Welding of the inner door seams you can use 1/2″rod or 4″ plates do not fully seam weld inner doors weld 4″skip 4″etc. No Homemade body seams.
28.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WELD DRIVERS DOOR if you are using chain everywhere else 3/8 chain no bigger no smaller can be used, 2 spots on each door seam there is 4
seams per door 3 on the trunk.
29.A bar from door to door or drivers side floor to middle of passenger door behind seat is mandatory no further than 6″ behind door seam no kicker
bars except to front cowl bar.
30. #9 wire allowed 4 strands on front if your going to the hood with wire do it after you get there, hoods have to come off for inspection, 6 strands on the
back this includes under the car so if you have 4 on the bumper then you can only have 2 on the frame.
31.No homemade bumpers.32 Hard top cars can run a strap 2″ wide from door to roof.
33.Leaf springs must be stock you can run chain or wire in 4 spots through the frame to the spring(1) in front of rear wheel (1) behind rear wheel each side no bigger that 3/8 chain
or 4 strands of wire.
34.If running a standard tranny a scatter proof bell housing is mandatory.
35.2″x20″no thicker than 1/4″plate on outside of rear humpon1977 or new GM cars can be used.
36.Distributer protectors can be used with no stop if it touches anything including firewall you will be DQed
37.Stuffed front bumpers OK but must be stock.
1.1987 and older 104″ wheelbase 1988 and newer 108″ wheelbase
2. (1) Battery only 3.no V-8 engines.4.Follow the rest of the rules from the full size.
For more information contact Chuck Hulett 1-641-782-4807
$ 30.00 Entry $20.00 Pit Passes